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My first project is entitled "The Unconventional and Unorthodox things to live by" which  is available on, Amazon Kindle, Kabo, Barnes and Noble Ibooks, Nook.  You may also click the banner for access to the paper back and Ebook  version.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

"Winterizing your soul" The second project due out in September. A balance of Psycology, Physiological and Anatomy suggestions that help me thru the winter.

Finding the right track towards great health with my suggestions is my goal. This website is design to help you through suggestion and not through prescription fore prescribing is not in my scope of practice . I Strive to help you recognize problems -Than you can be empowered to eliminate or diminish them for a positive impact on your health.

This website is catered for all to allow tangible goals to a healthy lifestyle and physicality. We hope you will benefit from Please share this website with family and freinds for a healthy year!


Any information you receive from are only suggestions. We do not prescribe and always suggest you talking with your doctor before trying any new diet or regimen.